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American Romanticism 1800-1855

Civil War Literature 1855-1870

Regionalism and Naturalism 1870-1910

Hillbilly Music Cultural Project

Life on the Mississippi- Twain

The Outcasts of Poker Flat- Harte

from Lake Wobegon Days- Keillor

A Wagner Matinee-Cather

Open Boat- Crane

Suggested Novels:

Hillbilly Elegy- J.D. Vance

Rising out of Hatred-Eli Saslow

Harlem Renaissance 1910-1940


from Civil War to Civil Rights 


to Civil Rights

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Gettysburg Address-Lincoln

Getting Past Black and White-Twain

Dusk of Dawn-Du Bois

The United States of Lyncherdom-Twain

Affirmative Action-Shelby Steel

Racism Has His Privileges-Roger Williams

The Tyranny of the Majority-Lani Guinier

Suggested Novels: