LiteraTour Fitness

Get Fit Write Now!

Coach Masani Denmon, MAT

LITeraTour FITness is about taking a tour through Literature and getting fit "write" now. This tour is designed to connect History with Literature and culture so that the Literature becomes relevant. However, the parallel between sports -training and academic -training is drawn because in order to grow, Lit Fit members must be willing to train, and train in a way that incremental improvement results. Practicing the fundamentals, repetitiously, is the goal until progress is achieved.

Lit Fit members are taught to cultivate the same values as being a great athlete: mental discipline, good character, grit, purpose, commitment, enthusiasm, the right attitude, self-improvement, and the willingness to practice, practice, practice! 

Digital Open House: DENMON'S ENGLISH CLASS Twitter: @SunnyDenmon.