LiteraTour Fitness

Get Fit Write Now!

LiteraTour Fitness is about taking a tour through Literature and getting fit "write" now. This tour is designed to connect history, literature and culture.

My philosophy is simple. I treat the classroom like a gym where I am the personal trainer and my students are the members. They get training, and the opportunity, to try out some new techniques to get them literary, historically and culturally fit, but it is their job to go home and continue to apply the principles. 

In order to reach students, and help them become better readers, analyzers of Literature, and writers, I incorporate four main approaches: 

1) (engaging) relevant topics, discussions and readings, 

2) repetition of basic strategies, and 

3) self-awareness learning activities, and

4) service-work in the form of extra credit.

The goal in my classroom is to educate the whole person in order for youth to blossom into, not just competitive and intelligent beings, but caring, compassionate, empathetic, well-rounded, healthy citizens who know how to collaborate with others, unlike them, and who will do something of value with their intelligence.


A high school teacher of nearly two decades, Masani Denmon earned a Bachelor's in Italian Studies at University of Houston (main campus) and a Master's in the Art of Teaching --a pedagogical degree in curriculum and instruction at UHD. She is a native Houstonian and a proud Montrosian who loves live music, hiking, fitness, and her 15 pound cat Mick. 

You can view the magic of her classroom on Twitter: @SunnyDenmon.