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Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones

This movie needs to be approved by your parent. It is not obligatory that you watch it. It is for extra credit, only.

Due November 13th, 2017

Directions: Choose 2 writing prompts to discuss. Essays need to be at least 2 pages. If you write obituaries, you'll need to get creative! The more creative the higher the extra credit.

1.   Prepare a report on the "inner war" of the Confederacy for any state that joined the Confederacy during the Civil War.
2.   Write two obituaries for Rachel Knight, one written in 1889 for a newspaper that supported the "Redemption" and another a retrospective of her life written this year for a modern non-racist newspaper.
3.   Write two obituaries for Newton Knight, one written in 1922 for a newspaper that supported the "Redemption" and another, a retrospective of Rachel's life, written this year for a modern non-racist newspaper.
4.   Research and write a short history of the Collins family of Jones County and the Big Thicket of Hardin County, Texas. 
5.   Research and write a report on other centers of white resistance to the Confederacy. [Examples include Winston County, Alabama, North Carolina's Quaker Belt, the Big Thicket jay hawkers in Texas, and Jones county Mississippi.]

6.   Research and write a report on the role of African-Americans in the Union army during the Civil War and their role in the eventual victory over the rebels.

7.  Victoria E. Bynum, a respected historian who studied the life of Newton Knight and his ancestors wrote that "Race . . . is a social invention and a cultural identification, rather than a biological reality." See Bynum, Free State pg. 193. See generally Ibid pp. 149 - 197. Using at least three sources, describe how groups like the Knight family in Mississippi provide examples of this concept.

8.  Many biologists dispute the validity of the scientific concept of race. Find the latest research on this and write a paper reporting your findings. 

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