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"JACKET ON" -- Mr. Han, a Kung Fu master and spiritual mentor, teaches his (one and only) dedicated student, Dre, martial arts through simple instruction: repetition, which is the mother of all learning. Through repetition, Mr. Han teaches him discipline, manners, and respect through the art of Kung Fu with a "relevant" daily task: picking up his jacket.

This can illustrate that often times, students do not always know they are being challenged or do they know that they are growing. Sometimes in the beginning, learning feels like one is going nowhere, and in the movie, Dre almost drops out of Kung Fu because he becomes disheartened that he is not learning what he has sought Mr. Han. But when Mr. Han finally decides to test his impatient student, Dre is surprised to see how he has become an expert without realizing it. He can't believe his own hands and what they can do; they can do Kung Fu!

"JACKET OFF" -- Over time, my proteges will see how an objective can become a task mastered just like with Mr. Han and Dre. Students will see how the task they think they have not been learning has become in fact second nature. LIT FIT instructor Ms. Denmon believes in this philosophy: making the basics second nature through repetition in order to accomplish more complex concepts.